3 Steps to Turn a Bad Day into a Good One!


Bad days can strike out of nowhere. They show up unannounced like that uncle at Thanksgiving and stay far too long.  We let them linger and take over and don't take action to give them their eviction notice and let them rule our day.  What are we doing?  We don't like it!  We just let it happen.  On your next bad day- when everything is not working in your favor try out these tips to make it a little less tragic of a day.

Step 1.  Lighten up!  Is it really that bad?  Does Tina not agreeing with you make that big of a difference in your own life.  Do you have to be so right, right this second?  Would it befuddle Tina if you just said ok, Tina.  You go with that and see what happens.  Sometimes, giving up the fight is actually winning.  You confuse the person and they begin to think.  If this is truly a battle of wills does winning actually win you something?  If yes, then evaluate your arena.  Is there a better place to do battle?  A better way or more importantly a smarter, more strategic way to win.  I bet so. Don't let silly squabbles blow your day win you can strategically win the larger battle.  Be smart.  Don't get suckered.

2. Music!  It is food for the soul.  It can change your mood in an instant.  Go back to those times in your life where a song meant a certain something.  High School, College, this or that job all have songs that have certain meanings for me.  I play Collective Soul for college, Marry Me to remind me of my husband, Three Little Bird by Bob Marley for my daughters and I am instantly uplifted and the bad vibes are gone.  Hang on to that feeling and shake off the negative.  Most of the time when the bad day juju strikes it just a bunch of little tiny things that pile on and add weight to the day.  Music helps us shake off that weight.  So, turn it up and sing it loud!

3.  Find Friends!  Hold on a minute though- this is not a pity party.  You are not finding them so commiserate with your miserable day.  You get a 3 minute time limit to tell them your woes and then it is all about friendship and hey I am glad we are hanging out how ya doing convos!  Just enjoy the time together.  We live such fast paced lives nowadays that we forget to make time to hang out with those that mean the most to us.  So, don't make every time you spend with your friends a gripe session about everything that's bad.  Enjoy your togetherness with positive activities.

Try these tips to turn your bad days to good days and your days will be filled with more positivity and less negativity.

As always, live life positively!

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