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Do What Makes Your Soul Happy!

I have been very fortunate to have been born into a family that has always been close and strong.  I am very far from saying it is perfect.  There are always difficulties in every family, but I am secure in the knowledge that I was raised and raise my daughters in the manner I was.  Althought, my family was a blended family there wasn’t any step/half anything.  We were all just sisters and brothers.

What has been on my mind lately is that I see many people around stepping away from their families.  Getting lost in life and the speed of life and all that comes with it.  Those that know me personally are aware of the recent illness of my oldest daughter and her too close brush with death.  Certain realizations come with that.  Realizations that make you center yourself and bring you back to your purpose.  To blend away all that is not healthy for you and doesn’t drive your heart to all that you are meant to be.

I have always said it is MOST important to make every minute count.

I encourage you to do the same.

Find ways to get back to your center.  Create your own happiness.  Spend the time you need with those most important to you.  You do actually have the time.  Don’t make excuses.

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