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Our Story

Hello Fam!

We are a typical family with a goal of living a life of positive interactions despite all of the chaos in the world today.  Our family is a blend of his and mine but we rarely refer to them has steps, halves, or anything other than just our daughters.

Stick around, Read a bit, take some tips and try them.  Let us know how it worked for you!

Above all try LIFE POSITIVELY!

Meet the Team

We are a family affair. We truly practice what we preach. Along the way you will hear from and about each of us.  I hope you grow along with us.  Each and every one of us in on a journey.  We hope you travel with us.


Jeremy & Christie

The Parents



The Middle Child


Atalyn Mae

The Youngster

Next Steps...

Drop us a line!  Want us to talk about something, try something, cook something.  Tell Us!