Aspire To Inspire

You see me write this phrase often.  It used to be, “Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire.” written by Eugene Bell Jr.  I don’t identify with that one much anymore as I feel like it is slightly negative.  Shortened, it is light and flows and carries an air of happiness and positivity.  

We must also remember we were given life.  It is actually the first gift we were ever given.  The very first thing we should appreciate yet we treat ourselves so horribly.  We are the first things we criticize, the first ones we bully, the first ones we abuse.  

If we are to be successful in life the one thing we should remember is treat our very first gift with respect.  Cherish the uniqueness of you.  Cultivate it.  Cheer it on, appreciate it.  Wake up each morning and remind yourself what you are here for.  Make your goals, set your path, stay the course.  Achieve. 

Along the way….Inspire.  Always make it your first goal to Inspire.

Until next time, live Life Positively.


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