Dad Life

5 Tips on Successfully Talking to your Kids.

Tip# 4- You actually are their friend. You are their first friend- from birth. I hate it when I see those articles that say you cannot be your child’s friend. Yes, I can. We are actually good friends.

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3 Steps to Turn a Bad Day into a Good One!

Bad days can strike out of nowhere. They show up unannounced like that uncle at Thanksgiving and stay far too long.  We let them linger and take over and don’t take action to give them their eviction notice and let them rule our day.  What are we doing?  We don’t like it!  We just let […]

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Reflections… By Jeremy

  All of my other blogs, or blog posts, or I’m not sure, musings maybe, have had a certain amount of levity.  I am not so certain this one will.  I thank my career choice for the little bit of (at times somewhat dark) humor I have.  I am a firefighter/paramedic, in this job field […]

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