Confident Women Don’t Hate

As we grow through life we all have experiences and encounters we love and also that we don’t really care for.  I came across these words on a picture the other day and the more I thought about them the more they rang true for me.  I have always had a distaste for the word hate.  I have made it somewhat of a habit to say I really really really dislike a person instead of saying I hate someone.  I do, however, say I hate spiders and other creepy crawlies.  However, I think as a confident woman we shouldn’t hate.  We should develop in ourselves the strength of heart to overcome whatever the difficult situation was and move on.

As women we tend to harbor resentment, to hold grudges, and to remember slights.  When all in all they really are quite silly and even though to the person they seem huge and life altering they ultimately boil down to nothingness.  Also, they will turn into nothingness in the future, nothing but rage, hurt, and resentment.

As women, we should practice confidence.  If nothing is going to change in that situation,  why hold on to it?  Why continue to hate?  Is it going to change anything for the better?  Is it going to continue to make your present situation worse?  If you are in this situation, you already know the answer to this.

Be confident.  Don’t hate.  It is honestly pointless.

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