It’s Time To Stop Being Mean To YOURSELF.

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All around me I keep hearing about how someone has done some “thing” to someone else and it is so horrible.  Yep, probably is. However, this as Prince said it, is called Life.  You get your obligatory 5 minutes to whine about it but then you have to deal with it.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to spend your life telling every soul who you think wants to hear about how horrible so and so did you… your wrong.  What they are actually doing is saving that information so they can tell someone else.  What YOU need to do is the following:

  1. Take your licks.  Life sucks sometimes.  It beats us up.  Let it defeat you or decide to kick ass.  I choose the latter.  Be strong.
  2. Make your plan.  How are you going to not let XYZ happen again.  Might be a long road but stick to it.
  3. Execute the plan.  Stay the course.  Might be hard but you got this.  Don’t wanna go back to the step 1 where you are taking the beating right??
  4. Enjoy the reward.

Yes, I do realize this seems quite easy.  I know it is not.  Sitting around playing the victim and commiserating about how horrible life is and and how you can’t do anything right and everybody is out to get you is worse though.

All your doing is bullying your own damn self.  Make a plan,  Put a smile on your face, and start making moves in a positive direction.

Negativity only makes more negative stuff.  Positivity make positive stuff… I promise.

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