Neglected Friends

Everyone has that friend that we only see every so often. For whatever reason your paths don’t cross as often as they should. When your together though it is as if you spend every day together. I have one of these friends. Really we talk about once a week but we rarely SEE each other. We make excuses about how busy we are and we are going to have lunch one day. Blah blah blah.

We find it so hard to actually make time for our friendship of 30 freaking years.

What does that say about me as a person? I have been thinking about it. It says I am a asshole of a friend. It says I make excuses for not seeing someone whom I care deeply about because I don’t want to add to the crazy schedule I created for myself. This is dumb.

If I were true to living life in every aspect positively I would make the time to spend one hour with her for lunch. I’m going to do it. Make the time. Sit down. Lunch. Talk. Be friends. This is my promise to me. I have already made her this promise multiple times. This time I promise me.

It’s important to keep promise to ourselves. I challenge you to do the same. Each of us has that person we neglect. Call them up. Plan a time. Do it. Enjoy it.

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